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Space Weather

The term space weather is analogous to terrestrial atmospheric weather phenomena defines and describes changes in the interplanetary and interstellar medium , specifically in the near-Earth region of the magnetosphere are perceived (up to 50000 km distance to earth). The main causes are the solar wind and galactic cosmic radiation of the Milky Way . Through these influences come at

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Solar Wind

The solar wind is a stream of charged particles that constantly from the sun flows out in all directions. In comparison with the stellar wind of other fixed stars, he is relatively weak, but must at the initial sun was stronger be. Occasionally, the wrong term sun dust (similar to stardust used), which particularly in the press reporting on Genesis

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Solar Energy

As solar energy or solar energy is called the energy of solar radiation, which can be used technically in the form of electricity, heat or chemical energy. Solar radiation is the electromagnetic radiation on the solar surface due to their temperature of about 5500° C as blackbody radiation arises, what ultimately on nuclear fusion processes in the solar interior (the

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Global Warming

Global warming refers to the observed since the mid-19th century rise in the average temperature of the near-earth atmosphere and the oceans . The calculated warming trend over the past 50 years in the amount of 0.13 ° C per decade (from 0.10 to 0.16 ° C) is almost twice as large as that over the last 100 years. This

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Migratory Birds Whistling in the South

Even children’s songs can be wrong. “All the birds are already there, all birds, all …” it says in a famous lyric by Hoffmann von Faller life to spring. And further: “Blackbird, thrush, finch and starling and the whole flock of birds …” The text from the 1835 children today provides a false picture of the nature. Blackbird and song

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